Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Clean up the guts

If you’re an animal lover or get queasy pretty easily, stop reading now.

This morning I was on one of my semi-regular jogs out in Doyline when I stopped to stretch near a bridge over a little creek. That’s normal. The gross part is that when I peered over the bridge railing, I saw no fewer than three deer carcasses and their innards floating in what is normally a peaceful scene.

Now I’m not against hunting or fishing. I’ve caught and cleaned fish and helped tie up a shot deer in a tree to spray out its hide with a water hose. But there is no reason the guts in the creek couldn’t have been put in a trash bag and hauled to the dump. Or they could be in the woods near the hunter’s own house. But no one would want that foul smell or the buzzards and other scavengers crawling through their back yard, would they?

Whoever did that should have a little decency. Don’t dump your waste just off a public street. No one else should have to deal with your mess.

Check with Wildlife and Fisheries if you’re confused.

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