Monday, December 17, 2007

Ode to John Legend, Verse 1

There’s no better way to make a holiday Scrooge-ette, i.e. me, smile during the holiday season like a concert performance by John Legend.

Most folks who know me know of my endless love for John Legend. When he first hit the mainstream music scene in 2005, that’s all I talked about, that’s all I was listening to. Period. I mean his CD “Get Lifted” stayed in my CD player for a solid year and six months. Even my editors and co-workers witnessed it because I had him on my computer screen wallpaper for just about a year as well. I was in love, and not so much with his aesthetic good looks, but with his artistry.

Before the hating and “clownation” begins, I must give this disclaimer: NO, I’m NOT a groupie. I just think John Legend’s music and his voice are like a beautiful breath of a fresh air that makes me swoon like I’m a teenager or something…(Ok, maybe that sounds slightly groupie-ish…)
I’ve had the pleasure of inhaling that cool breeze in person at two previous live shows (I even met him once! But that’s for another post…) And I got a chance to inhale it again last night when I saw his performance on TV One, in which he also introduced his new label Home School Records.

And just when I thought my love was dying for the man (I mean, is it me, or did he just kinda fade off the scene after his last album, “Once Again”?) I watched this show last night "Get Together with John Legend" and fell in love all over again.

Thanks to a text message from my friend and columnist Monica Carter Tagore, I tuned in just in time to catch him in action. And then, of course, I instantly text messaged all of my fellow friends who are John Legend fans.
It was pretty interesting, especially when he introduced a new artist who happens to be his little brother Vaughn Anthony. (Their vocal similarity is almost eery.)

Anyway, I should stop here before my friends, particularly my hating guy friends, clown me yet again for my latest ode to Johnny boy. However, if you’re a John Legend aficionado and you missed this show, catch it again Thursday at 9 p.m. CST on TV One. It’s a cool pre-holiday treat.


wink said...

*clownation will commence shortly*

Donecia Pea said...

LOL!! Come on now, wink...gimme a break...I held off as long as I could...

Wink said...

Ok, I know your love for Johnny boy and you've been doing well so, I'll hold off on the 'clownation'

Catalin said...

Keep up the good work.