Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sex and the City's back...Yay?

I remember when I fell in love with Sex and the City.

It was about five years ago. I was trying to get over a breakup and one of my best friends recommended the show like a prescription drug: Rent every season available on DVD, watch each and every one of them and you will feel better.
And amazingly I did feel better and became immediately hooked. I was constantly, feverishly searching for my next high with every DVD I rented. Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte were my new, cool NYC friends and I lost myself in their world of high fashion, cool jobs and men, men, MEN.

I didn’t have HBO at the time and I remember the torture I went through waiting on the last season to end so I could rent it on DVD. I made sure I avoided any hint of someone revealing the final episode.

And when that day came and I completed the final episode of the last Sex and the City show ever – I was done. It was finished. Yeah, there were questions, but that was all she wrote and I knew I had to accept it. I remember the rumors and buzz that a movie would come out soon after that, but then it faded away. And eventually, I let that fantasy go.

So imagine the excitement I felt when I heard the movie was actually coming out this year …Well, that’s just it – there was no excitement from me.

I’ve mustered up as much as I could to be ecstatic as everyone from my friends to Oprah are about this Sex and the City movie, but I keep coming up with nothing. It just seems about three years too late, irrelevant and basically nonsensical to me.

I’ve watched the preview commercials with the vivid colors and humorous quips, but it just feels predictable and tired to me. They almost look tired to me. Like they’re trying too hard. And that kind of makes me sad.

I know my opinion is in the minority, it may even seem almost blasphemous to hardcore SATC fans… And truthfully, if coerced enough, I’ll likely be in a movie theater line somewhere, at some point to see it. Furthermore, if it turns out I'm wrong I will gladly concede the point.

But from the commercials and stuff, it just looks like an extended, big-screen version of the latest episode from the show that once dwelled in the archives somewhere and has been brought back to life. And maybe that’s the whole point, but for me it just seems like the thrill is gone.


mahogani (the media goddess) said...

i'm going to see it today d.pea and i'll let u know how cheesy it is ... but me, it seemed like the minute i started getting into SITC it was over .. just like ally mcbeal and boston public and oz ... but i always felt like damn i wanna know what happens next and now that she got Big, what happens? i had a lot of unanswered questions .. it wasn't finished to me ... so i feel like the movie is a reunion ... an answer to "whatever happened to" ... and yeah it gives them a chance to make a fat check ... LOL.

mahogani (the media goddess) said...

and p.s. if indiana jones, rocky and rambo can come back ... so can the SITC ladies dammit! :)

Ashley Northington said...

Ok, D.

You totally have to go see it. I saw it and one part between Carrie and Big made me big fat alligator tears in the movie theater.

It was kinda embarassing.

Terry L. Jones said...


You need to go see the movie! Yeah, it's predictable, but what movie isn't these days. But if you're a true FAN of the show, like I am, you will LOVE this movie! The clothes these ladies wear in the first ten minutes of the movie alone were enough to bring a tear to my eye! (Just kidding)

But not about how much I liked the movie! It was the perfect ending to a great series!

Stacye said...

Hey chick,

I saw it yesterday. Its worth it. :) Plus I fell in love... with a pair of dior shoes. Ahh the fasion of SITC. Gotta love it