Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Imus is at it again...but who cares?

I saw the headline about Don Imus’ latest racial flap yesterday, read a little bit of the story that followed ... well, enough to get the gist of what happened, and I instantly had a reaction: I simply shrugged my shoulders and said “Eh...”

I could care less. In fact, I even chuckled a little bit. Not because racism or offensive language is funny, at least not in this context, but because I really don’t get the point of even getting upset about it anymore.

As my favorite gossip queen Wendy Williams always says – it is what it is. Nothing to see here folks.

Yeah, I know it’s a huge contrast from what I felt the last time he spouted off one of those racially charged comments. And I still stand by what I said in the aftermath of that incident.

I just feel like the point was made, action was taken and even though he’s back on the air, he's forever marked his place in history for the ignorant racially insensitive comments he made. He's forever tainted. Case closed.

In fact, part of me, only a small part, could actually consider his claim that he was only saying what he said out of defense for black people, not to attack them.
Call me dumb, naïve or just plain ol’ bamboozled, but I actually could see his point, if that is the truth, and the irony of it all is what tickled me.

I mean, if Imus truly was making the comment to point out another case of racism, it’s comically ironic that he gets ragged for being racially offensive.

On the other hand, if he was foolish enough to put his racism back on display after all the hell he caught the last time, he's just proven once again that's he's an idiot hell-bent on self destruction.

It’s like he’s reached that point where you just wanna say “Gramps, just sit down and hush.” Either that or he’s once again found a way to inject himself back into the media spotlight, which ultimately means more ratings, big bucks or whatever else.

Whatever ignorant comments he makes at this point are irrelevant – nobody should care.
And I’ve given him enough attention in this post, so I’ll just once again shrug my shoulders and say “eh…”

What do y'all think? Or are you saying "eh..." too?


Anonymous said...

The first thing I thought when I heard the comment was that you would blog about it, or even worse, write an article about it. And to no one's surprise, you did. All I can say is, Donecia is at it again...but who cares?

JColtF said...

I like it when racist make stupid remarks, it exposes them for what they really are, who are the only people who look stupid at a white/black/brown/ect. pride rally?

Donecia Pea said...

Lol, anonymous, it's great to know I'm in your thoughts!

Adam Kealoha Causey said...

There are a lot of nameless folks around here who don't care about race but care about our posts that mention it.

Stephanie Bemrose said...

Donecia - I read the story that you included in the link and I can see both sides of it: how me meant it nicely or how it could be taken wrong. Geez. I guess we'll never know his true intentions, only what he says afterward, and even that is not easily discernable.

Anonymous - you really thought of our blog and Donecia first? Ahh, how sweet. Lol.

Jcoltf - Yes, absolutely. Not just racists, though, but also others who are prejudicial in some way.

Adam - I totally agree. Look at how active this blog and yours about Hawaii are this week!