Friday, July 18, 2008

A great morning can turn bad quickly

Today was a first for me: I ran a 5K on a military base. (I guess you could technically say it was a first because I had never lived on this particular day before... that I know of. But I won't get quite that far out there.)

Anyhow, I was really happy with my time in the race and felt good about the camaraderie I saw out at Barksdale. Plus, if I'm not about to pass out from exhaustion, exercise in general makes me feel better. So I thought I would reward myself with a smoothie and roll into the office.

Until I pulled up to where Smoothie King was supposed to be off Youree Drive, and it WASN'T THERE. Man, was I disappointed. I drove around the shopping center thinking maybe they just moved. But I didn't see it. Since I have really made it a goal to be at work on time lately, I didn't want to keep searching. I settled for a strawberry milkshake from McDonald's. I'm sure that had a lot more calories and fat than the strawberry smoothie I was going to get.

Fortunately, I came back to work and did a little investigating. I felt stupid, because Smoothie King had just moved across East 70th Street. But in my panic I hadn't looked behind me. Some reporter, huh?

But isn't it funny how after a great morning, something little like that can really shape your day?


Anonymous said...

Hey Adam - I work with Smoothie King and glad you were able to find our new location! (And also glad to hear that you agree Smoothie King smoothies are far superior in nutrition - and taste.) Hope to see you at SK soon!

Adam Kealoha Causey said...

Thanks, anonymous! I have loved Smoothie King for about seven years. I've gone to them wherever I’ve lived: Baton Rouge, St. Louis, here... I make my own sometimes, but they just aren't as good.