Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cooking like Mom -- or trying to

For anyone who has ever struggled to make biscuits or gumbo or meatballs like Mom, you have to read this story from the New York Times. For me, it's the meatballs. How do you get them with the right flavor and crispy on the outside while still soft on the inside but not so soft that they fall apart? I don't know.

In the Times piece, the author tracks down her family in Italy to figure out why she can't get her mother's spaghetti sauce right. And she comes back with what I've always feared - she never will get it exactly right.

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G$ said...

NO ONE cooks like mom. Not because you came running into the house after a simple wiff of chicken a la king from the front yard where you were making more work for Mom by adding grass stains to your Tough Skins jeans by doing your best Roberto Clemente impression sliding down the, no. Moms cooking was the best because Mom cleaned up after cooking too (easy ladies, I was raised by a single Mom...Dad did the cooking - if hot dogs and burnt pork chops count as cooking - during summer and Christmas vacation visits). I can cook...but I dont, because cleanup takes longer than consumption! (I dated myself with that Tough Skins reference didnt I?)