Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One day left...

Well, folks...Black History Month is almost at its end.

For some people that's like music to their ears. And for others, ending the month dedicated to all things for blacks is sad.

For me, it's bitter sweet.

But just when I thought I couldn't get another email from a reader either condemning or praising The Times' coverage of the month and its activities I got a special treat. David Cole emailed me to say he enjoyed reading an article I wrote about school integration and he sent me a poem he wrote last February.

It was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and its called "African American Dream." He said I could share it with others so here it is:

African American Dream

Like Martin Luther King, I too have a Dream/ It is a dream often envisioned but rarely ever Seen/ To have Black men and Black women unite as a Team/ Instead of bickering over nonsense blowing off Steam/ I believe as a team we can achieve many Things/ Such as economic enrichment and social Esteem/ Rather abject poverty and record breaking Unemployment/ We need educational enhancement and life Enjoyment/ Rather gangs, guns, and youth wondering About/ We need tough leaders that will stand up and Shout/ Rather than teenage pregnancy and youthful drug Abuse/ We need after school programs and youth mentors Too/ Rather than listening to music by Kanye West/ We need to read books by Cornell West/ Rather than listening to music by Paul Wall/ We need to read about the Apostle Paul/ Rather than listening to music by Young Jeezy/ We need to read about the Young Jesus/

Like Martin Luther King, I too have a Dream/ It is a dream easily accomplished if we design a Scheme/ To use our resources wisely rather than buying designer Jeans/ Instead of having to rely on the finer Things/ I think we as a people can lift up our on Self-Esteem/ Don't tear down your brother, lift up your Brother/ Don't tear down your sister, lift up your Sister/ Don't run to the mayors office to complain about the Unjust laws/ Run for the mayor's office, legislate, and change the Unjust laws/ Don't take for granted the sacrifice...the Sacrifice/ That Martin, Malcolm, Rosa, Emmitt, Cheney, Goodman, and Swerner had to Pay/ So that we could be viewed as humans on this Earth, on this Planet, in this Day/ This is my African American Dream, let us all strive to make it a Reality/

Hope you guys enjoyed it...


Janelle Rucker said...

yep. there has been some pretty good coverage. good job.
and I like the poem...

Adam Kealoha Causey said...

Thanks for taking the initiative, Ash. If only everyone had a little more understanding.