Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Daytime drama comes to life

Man, I might skip DVR’ing “Young and the Restless” this week and just tune in to CNN or MSNBC or something. I mean have y’all been following this?
I’m sure women everywhere are shaking their heads on this one. Heck, I know I am. I mean here we have an otherwise smart woman who seemed on TOP of her game.

I mean, Lisa Nowak had it all – A successful career. (The woman was a freaking astronaut! It doesn't get any cooler than that.) A devoted husband. (We’re talking 19 years, y’all! They don’t hardly make marriages that last that long anymore.) Not to mention three kids. (5-year-old twin girls and a teenage son. Imagine what kinda teasing he’s facing at school these days.)

But somehow, based on the allegations, it seems like Nowak lost her mind and now she could lose everything else. And for what? A MAN! An ol’ knuckle-headed man who wasn’t even thinking about her. (OK, I don’t know the man, so maybe he isn’t a knucklehead, but still. Well, check him out…)
Now ladies, just in a general sense, I know y’all can relate to the whole scorned lover thing. I mean, we’ve all had that girlfriend who was ready to provide, at the very least, a tongue-lashing, at most, a tire-slashing or “butt-whupping” on a cheating boyfriend/husband and/or his mistress. (Wait, let’s keep it ALL THE WAY real: I know each of us have actually BEEN that enraged girlfriend or wife at some time or other.)

So while I didn’t condone Nowak’s plans of violence, I understood her rage and empathized. That is, until I read that this was a MARRIED woman! And that the object of her twisted affection, the impetus behind this whole bizarre plot was NOT her husband, but basically a co-worker she kicked it with and may have had an affair with.
That’s when I really shook my head and let out a big “Umph, umph, umph.”

While I know right now everything is still in the “alleged” phase, I have to admit if this was truly her intention, homegirl was focused! I mean, she thought of everything - all the way down to the astronaut diapers!
But was it worth it y’all?

That’s what we always have to ask ourselves during those moments of intense rage and anger. You know, during those times when you find out just how trifling the opposite sex can be when it comes to your heart and you’re so blinded by just or unjust rage that you can’t see straight.
Call up a girlfriend, or even better, have a little talk with Jesus and ask yourself: “Is he really worth allllll that? Is he worth me shaming and possibly losing my family? Is he worth me risking my freedom? Is he worth my ultimate downfall?”

I mean do you really want to go from this:

To this:
That should be a no-brainer. Can I get an amen?
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