Friday, August 10, 2007

Again... it's a small world

You really never know who you're going to run into at odd hours.

Val, a Times photographer, and I were out looking for shots (of the photographic kind) at Fatty Arbuckles last night. (Technically it was probably about 1 a.m. today.) We snap a few and then get some names for captions.

As we talk to these two guys who did the bro pose, we find out they are having a drink or two in anticipation of an upcoming wedding. The groom is a Houston chemist who got his master's degree at LSU -- connection No. 1 for me.

So LSU leads us to when he was there -- which overlapped with my time -- and who he knew -- people who worked with me at The Reveille. Plus there were a few LSU students from Minden (his hometown), and I knew them or their siblings.

Which takes us back to Minden High. I went to Doyline but knew a bunch of MHS kids at the time. Still hang out with a few of them, actually.

Doyline, he asks? That's where his wife-to-be could have gone to school. She lived on the dividing line between the Doyline and Minden school districts in the Goodwill Road area. She did not choose Doyline.

It's always funny to reminisce with people you've never met before. But you still kind of know them. Hope married life is grand, Mr. G.

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