Friday, August 17, 2007

Thoughts on womanhood

I've been thinking about women a lot lately. (Before someone clever writes about how I'm imagining versus interacting, let me just say it's not those kind of thoughts are another blog entry.)

For some reason I've just been realizing how different a woman must feel in the world compared to the way I do. I'm not talking about how it would feel to be a woman so much as how other people treat you.

Let's start with last night. I caught the end of the Molly Ringwald's concert (sans an '80s costume), and there was a rather flexible and curvaceous woman I would guess is about my age gyrating (literally). And she liked dancing with one of the cops who was trying to keep order in the Red River District. I saw her shake it a little in the officer's vicinity (and some of my cohorts said she flashed him -- can't confirm that) and perform some simulated bedroom dirtiness with a man who appeared to be her date for the evening.

Now in most cases if a guy did anything like this, he would get kicked out of an establishment immediately. She stuck around for a while before SPD kindly escorted her away.

A few weeks back, I was helping fellow Link blogger Ashley celebrate her 24th birthday at a pool party. I entered the pool/hot tub area at a local apartment complex with her and two other lovely ladies, and the reaction was like a ants to sugar. And they were the sugar, not me.

This is not jealousy I'm writing about. There were guys all over them. I'm swimming around, they're sitting on the edge with their feet and the water and men literally start pulling on their legs. I honestly can't imagine what it's like to constantly be hit on.

Not that this is always OK, but I (and I would guess many women) would expect that kind of thing at a bar. But in the middle of the day? For someone you don't know to actually lay hands on you?

I realize the situations I'm describing are similar only because they both involve women. And it's kind of ironic that in one case the person who wanted attention was mostly getting laughed at while the other attention-grabbers didn't really want to be bothered.

So tell me, ladies, how does it feel?


Anonymous said...

Even more interesting to me is why it is that those bold, handsy guys seem to more often than not have better luck with the ladies than us gentlemanly, dont-go-where-you're-not-invited guys????

Adam Kealoha Causey said...

Haha. So true, anonymous gentleman. Does that mean you're considering a different method now?

Anonymous said...

not my style.

Ashley Northington said...

Adam and Anonymous: I'm so glad that you two are gentlemen. That makes my heart smile! :D

Yes it is a problem. A big one. I can't tell you how many times I've had to correct someone for stepping out of line. Once I even got orange soda thrown on my car for refusing to give my number out. Another time a guy tried to trip me in the park after I jerked away from his advances. I can not be held responsible for my actions after things like this happen because I loose control...

A LOT of men think they can see something they like and take it. And when they realize they can't have it (like Carlos did at my pool party) they can't handle the rejection. But, on the other hand, Carlos knew to back away from me when I said what i'd do to him...

Anonymous said...

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