Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I got sir-ed

Twice. Yes, I made up a word. Please do not confuse sir-ed (my word) with sired, which means procreated.

What I mean is that I was told "Yes, sir" on two recent occassions. And neither were at fine dining establishments, where that would be expected.

One was at the Multicultural Center of the South, where I was shooting a video about making Japanese hina dolls. The girl who sir-ed me was 10, so I guess at 24 I may have looked and seemed like a bona-fide old person.

The more recent one is the disturbing part, though. I was told "Yes, sir" by a college student when I asked if I was in the right auditorium. Maybe she was a freshman, but I really didn't think I looked out of place at the ACLU panel I covered tonight at Centenary. Granted, I had a lap top and was wearing a button-down shirt with khakis while most in attendance were in jeans and T-shirts.

I know this is the South and that we're taught to mind our ma'ams and sirs. I guess I just wasn't ready to be minded myself.

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Ashley Northington said...

I know exactly what you mean. While I covered the Elm Grove Middle 6th grade science night on Tuesday, all the 6th graders kept calling me "ma'am". They had junior and senior students from Parkway High School who helped with the event and one of them (who wants to be a reporter BTW) called me ma'am. I said to her, "Do I look old to you?" She said, "No." But then I told her I was 23. Her eyes widened. She said, "Wow, you're 23 and you've got a career." She told me I looked mature. I guess its the way I dress, or maybe I DO look old. Or, maybe I'm Over reacting...I HATE being called "ma'am".

Nope...I'm convinced she thought I was an oldster.