Sunday, March 11, 2007

Springing forward early

I’m still yawning from losing that hour of sleep, but that’s the only thing not perfect about this beautiful day.

I absolutely LOVE daylight-saving time.
In fact, it’s the only reason a born and bred Southerner like myself, familiar enough with the sweltering heat to know better, still proclaims spring and summer as my all time favorite seasons. Yes, I did say that the hot, sweating-in-the-morning-on-your-way-to-the-mailbox summer is one of my favorite seasons.
Longer days mean more time to play, which gets a little more challenging once you enter that point of no return called adulthood and the bulk of your daily schedule primarily consists of one activity: work.

But that doesn’t faze me. Getting those longer days practically a month earlier makes me as ecstatic as winning extra bonus points on a Super Mario Bros. game (OK, I know I just dated myself…)
Fortunately, my computer clock adjusted itself, but I had to manually adjust my cell phone and my Comcast digital cable box is still “falling back” an hour.

Did you remember to spring forward?

1 comment:

Ashley Northington said...

I remembered...when I couldn't figure out why I was running late for everything on Sunday...