Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Behind the scenes of a war

A story is out now about the U.S. military deaths hit 4,000 but this story, The chaplains: Telling stories of the fallen highlights more of what happens behind the scenes. It's a profile of three military chaplains and their experiences in Iraq.

Chaplain Kevin Wainwright, from Fort Hood, Texas, talks about how close he was to some of the soldiers killed. He had once had given Holy Communion to a soldier days before he died. Chaplain Jesus Perez, also from Fort Hood, discusses how he breaks down to grieve soldiers he had known. The Rev. David Sivret, from the Maine Army National Guard, was injured in a suicide bomber's attack of a mess hall in Mosul, Iraq, but continued his duty running on adrenaline.

There's a local page dedicated to the five year mark of the War in Iraq, including a photo gallery honoring Local heroes killed in Iraq.
Whatever your political believes or thoughts about the war in Iraq and in other locations, take a moment to find an individual story and honor that single person, not as a number but as a life lost.

(Times graphic/Times photo)

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