Friday, March 28, 2008

Rounding up the news

Sometimes our jobs are a little easier than others. Today, the news happened to walk past me while I was driving.

I was heading back from a work function in Baton Rouge with recently hired Times copy editor Jessica Waldon when we happened to see state Representative Patrick Williams walking on Highway 190. He's been hiking from Shreveport to the state Capitol to draw attention to autism, child obesity and education.

Jessica was gracious enough to take photos of Williams and his friend Floyd Kirksey as they walked. And they were moving pretty fast, which made it hard for the photographer of the day to keep up in flip flops. I guess that may have made the job harder for Jessica, but the easy part was having those guys on our route home.

Regardless of how you feel about politics, walking more than 250 miles in just more than a week is a pretty serious task, so I have to give a few props to the legislator. I prefer to do my walking in the woods and away from vehicles traveling 65 mph. But if he followed my lead he wouldn't be getting the attention he's trying to use to help Louisiana residents.

(Thanks to Jessica for documenting me at work. See? Reporters don't always just sit at desks.)

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