Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stupidus Assidos

It’s a sad thing to admit, but I’ve generally come to expect that most guys just cannot keep it in their pants, particularly politicians.

Or maybe I should say particularly men in positions of power. And that stereotype was proven, yet again, with the latest sex scandal that had me and several other co-workers buzzing earlier today.

This time, the man at the center of the scandal is New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer. In a strange twist of irony, the governor once known as “Mr. Clean” was accused of, and practically came clean about, paying for sex with a high-priced call girl.

Sure, it would be easy to call him just another lowdown, no good, so-and-so, but I’m convinced that Spitzer is just merely a victim of an epidemic that’s afflicted a disproportionate number of men that span across socio-economic lines, ethnicity, race, religion, Democrats, Republicans, Independents and even the average joe schmo.

I think the disease starts somewhere in the southern region of the male anatomy and moves to the brain, paralyzing the brain cells in its path. I believe the disease is called stupidus assidos, which of course is Latin for…well… I’m sure you can fill in the blank…

And is it me, or does it seem like, lately alot of these men are getting caught with their pants down, literally...I mean yeah we got Spitzer right now, but before that it was Louisiana's own U.S. Sen. David Vitter who was linked to a high-price escort service last year. And who can forget the 2004 scandal involving New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey who was caught in an adulterous affair with another man. What could cause all of these men and so many more to risk losing everything - their family, political career and dignity - for one moment (or moments) of infidelity? The explanation is simple: Stupidus assidos.

OK, in all seriousness though, what in the world is the deal? I mean what was Spitzer, this leader, husband and father of three teenage girls thinking when he agreed to meet up with a prostitute at a Washington hotel room?? On the fricking day before Valentine’s Day!

I guess it’s time to ask that age-old question: Is it really impossible for men to be faithful? But, I promise I’m not asking from a judgmental standpoint, I’m just very curious as to what happens in the thought process when men are in these situations.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are smart enough to realize that only men cheat as there has never been a case of women cheating before, or is that a different disease? "Slutius Whorius" perhaps.

Ashley Northington said...

Noooooo! Don't say that. I don't think she meant that women never cheat, because trust me, I'm a woman and I know they do.

BUT I do think her point was that men in power seem to do it in an almost disproportionate number than their female counterparts--at least those are the ones we hear about the most. Maybe it's because power makes men think they can get away with anything or maybe it's because they're unsatisfied at home and afraid to confront home issues or maybe it's because, quite frankly, they are indeed stupidus assidos.

BTW, the slutius whorius comment is hillarious!

Donecia Pea said...

LMAO at slutius whorius, anonmyous!!! I love it!!! And you're so right, women do cheat... BUT as Ashley so excellently explained - I'm looking moreso at men, and particularly men in power, because let's face it - they're the ones who make the most headlines for this kinda silliness. Can you at least agree to that much?

Anonymous said...

One could say that men make the most headlines because the media likes to focus more on the men who are involved in these types of things. The media has a tendency to report based on subjects that will prove what they want to say instead of reporting the everything. They have an agenda and it isn't to report the news.

As to men in power doing it most, I would point out to you the rash of teacher/sex with student problems and I believe mostly those are women in power.

Anonymous said...

holy moly! $5500 an hour?


Donecia Pea said...

That's a good point, anonymous #2, about the teacher/student affairs, but as valuable and important as teachers are, let's face it, I don't think their positions are comparable to people who make decisions and laws that immediately affect a massive group of people, you know? Folks who run the country and such...

Like I guess the only thing comparable would be either a female person in that same leadership position or like a CEO or something. I don't know, I just don't see wives/mothers in powerful positions making the headlines in sex scandals like men do.

And I don't think it's because of the media focusing extra attention on men. I believe if Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi were caught out there involved in a prostitution ring or some other equally humiliating sex scandal, it would make headlines in a second. Probably even faster...

Anonymous #3 - Yeah, who knew prostitution was such a lucrative profession, lol.

Anonymous said...

Funny that you should mention Hillary. As if a woman wouldn’t be corrupt.

What was the name of that real estate scandal Hilary was involved in? Whitewater? Campaign finance corruption. False testimony. Is a sex scandal something worse than other types of corruption? What about the cocaine mayor? I thought I remember something about a Shreveport city council member being a convicted felon?

It seems the focus here is about sex not corruption. He was sexually immoral and that somehow makes it worse?

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying what he did was ok but if he had done that in Vegas then he wouldn't have done anything illegal?

Isn't a human's nature corrupt? So when you combine a corrupt human nature and the corrupting influence of power, is it really a surprise when people in power behave inappropriately?

The old saying is "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.". By "men" I hold it to mean people not a certain sex of the people.

I think politicians should remember that they are there to look out for the people and start looking out for us.

You can't make blanket statements about men like that.

Donecia Pea said...

No, actually my post was about sexual behavior. It was never about corruption.
My point and question is why do men, particularly men in power cheat? What goes through their minds when they do so.
I only brought up Hillary and Nancy in reference to your argument that the media disproportionately focuses on men involved in sex scandals than women. That wasn't the point of my blog post.
I also NEVER said that women don't cheat. The focus of my blog post was and is on men, particularly men in power, and why they choose to cheat. What leads them to do so.

But I knew the risk I was taking in posing such a question, so I welcome the debate.

Anonymous said...

Speaking directly to your question brings in all sorts of philosophical, religious, and ethical debates. People do whatever they want to do. Those actions are always weighed against the consequences of those actions. If they feel that the consequences are worth the risk, they do it. People may fool themselves by thinking that they will never get caught, but deep down everyone knows that no secret is 100% safe and they have to judge the risk vs. reward. Everyone makes those decisions. Religion, ethics, morality or legality, there are always hurdles that a person must decide to cross before they do something and you never truly know the situation behind a decision. As to what leads them to cheat, I am sure that answer would be different for everyone that cheated. I don’t think “because she was crazy hot, did you not see her?” is a comforting answer. Then again, that might be the answer since I looked at that web site. Or maybe he is lazy, or doesn’t have enough time for “proper” sex. He isn’t exactly great looking so dating may be out of the question. Ooooh, you guys should get your online guys to take all their photos and make a “who has to pay for it” game. Because he looks like he would have to. Sorry got a little carried away. I have a condition.
I disagree with what you said about the teachers and the students. What they did is far worse than an adult going to a prostitute. They destroyed the life of a child. He had consenting sex with another adult. I could ramble on and go all over the place on this. I guess I should find a name if I plan to keep conversating.

Astyle Progress said...

all of society is much more sexually open, and sexually active. this FAKE IMAGE , is one example, all the political figures that has been caught in issues about sex, the Jimmy Swagger.. the NY Governor the multitudes of Priest, and teachers... so all that simply says.. "in principal" ... is we are sexual people.. and we don't want the constraints that society puts on us about sex.. and people seek to find a way to have sex no matter what..

WE ARE SUCH A SICK MINDED SOCIETY.. WE VILIFY. "CONSENTING ADULTS" because we can't accept the reality that people have sex, and it's not all about some romantic fantasy.. or some life long promise.. that many people, are not going to keep anyway.. and if they do, they want someone to hand over even their thoughts to them for it.. that's why people are so compressed and supressed and repressed and depressed.. and the TV is selling all those pills of everything you can think of and then tell you how depressed your are.. the media wants to be your only outlet from depression, and their system is to "buy something, spend money to get something, get the newest trinket and get a new car, and etc.. NATURE SAYS.. engage each other as human being in a social and interactive realism... based on the whole of life realism.. !!! and religion tells you what.. "in one context, to be discreet".. but " if you make the solemn pledge to another then honor it" but if you have not.. then that leaves what.. ??? "discretion" and the simple matter of be honest in your interchanges with each other just the same..
if we are to be plentiful and multiply.. why do people hate for others to have babies.. if we were not a world of greed and hoarding, then there'd be such a things as sharing and helping and being considerate..

people like to have this virgin mary concept about women.. but truth is .. women like doing what they do..


Anonymous said...

and if a woman find that's kind of fool...

she should take his money... if he's stupid
enough to pay that kind of money..

if a person was making by a regular working Job,
100 a day.. that might be reasonable.. to pay her that, and
a tip.. if it was for some pleasure thing.. if that was the

but these fools think they are "buying
the womans silence" and hoping that she
won't go to the media and sell her story for 100K..or
more.. they are too stupid to know.. when it comes to money..
these women will sell that story.. for what ever she can
get.. and you can be assured that a story deal is forth coming
from these women at this agency.. the media .. if they will
pay 1 million dollars for a picture of Jalo's baby..
they will pay for this story... and a book deal is surely
coming.. these women who have been named, probably won't
ever have to work another day in their lives.

that's just like any woman who is with someone in a prominent
position, these women are not crazy.. they know if the guy
pisses them off or some attention comes their way and they
can cash in on it.. "THEY WILL".. it's no
different than a guy getting a divorce, the woman will..
"the woman will get all she can from the deal"...
no matter how sweet and docile the man might think her to
be.. as many men have found out the hard way.. all that "docile
and niceness" is the last thing he will see... and
she generally could care less if he is reduced to living
in a one room bachelors unit, catching the city bus... Ask, any of the past public officials that have been
taken down by women...

I bet Paul McCartney.. is not sitting around thinking that
niceness last forever.. Heather Mills is guaranteed to
rip him , Or go ask Shaq, if all that love stuff saved him from
getting ripped..

so this woman sells it for a living.. so why would she hesitate
to sell her story..

Janelle Rucker said...

The reason I think some of these men make headlines, other than the fact that they're men in power, is that they're hypocrites.

A lot of these politicians are against prostitution and homosexual marriage during the day, but as soon as the sun sets they're out paying thousands of dollars for a roll in the hay or propositioning another man for sex.

Anyhoo, here's a funny item from Slate with a map of politician sex scandals plotted across the nation's capital. It's called 'The Map of Shame.' Enjoy!