Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's not funny ... and neither are you

Oh, to be a middle-aged, d-list celebrity.
Andy Dick, the semi-famous, sort-of comedian (does he do stand-up? Is he funny?) made a complete fool of himself last Saturday (Dec. 2) during an incident at L.A.'s Laugh Factory.
After an exchange with the comic on stage, Andy (don't make me call him by his last name) grabbed the microphone and signed off, a la Michael Richards, with a racial slur.
Of course, he quickly had to apologize, but the real question here is why did he do it in the first place?
Andy says it was an attempt at humor, but I'm not so sure.
Andy, who's starring in "Blonde Ambition," which is filming in Shreveport, isn't majorly famous. Despite the recent incident, he's failed to make's front page list of names (even Anna Nicole Smith is on there); he's yet to have a starring role in a movie; and two of his biggest breaks have been MTV "reality" shows supposedly about his life that actually just seem to be reasons for him to act crazy on camera.
I think this is a case of a media whore at work. I guess it's better than being famous for being famous, but it's still kind of bottom-feeding to me, and especially bothersome in this case.
It's one thing if you want to make yourself look like a blazing idiot in a sad grab for attention. It's another to do it by being blatantly offensive.
If Andy didn't know this wasn't going to get him a laugh, he's a worse comedian than I thought.
Michael Richards' rant boosted sales of the "Seinfeld" season 7 DVD, which I'm sure put money in his pocket.
What's Andy Dick getting out of his moment?


Anonymous said...

Um, hello ... he was satirizing Michael Richards' moment. The fact that he isn't a famous movie star, as you seem to argue, has nothing to do with it. He was making fun of the Richards outbreak, not doing the same.

Timothy said...

Melinda, you ignorant slut.

(I hope you catch the reference and don't take that personally.)

You have a better sense of humor than this. Andy Dick was poking fun at one of the pop culture items du jour. He's a funny guy and his resume is much better than you presented it.

When satirical comments are presented in print, they often come off unfairly. Be fair.

Melinda Williams said...

Yes timothy, I get the reference.
I do have a good sense of humor and I haven't found any video of Andy's on-stage time. It's just the account sounded totally un-funny.
I know it's satire and I thought long and hard trying to make it funny and I just couldn't get there.
And D-list or not, I still don't think he's funny.