Friday, December 22, 2006

Some funny sports quotes for 2006

I like year-end lists. Here are some from Kevin Hench for Fox Sports. Check out the rest, but this is No. 5 from him and my favorite on the list: "Jay's a piece of (bleep) ... he's a garbage and he's always be a garbage and he always will be a garbage." -- from Ozzie Guillen, White Sox manager He's ranting about a reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times named Jay Mariotti. Some official types are tough on reporters.

To be fair, the writer and the manager have had some hard feelings for each other, and Guillen apologized this year for using a much more derogatory term that I won't republish. (But a google search would find it, of course.) Mariotti has said Guillen has even threatened him with physical harm.

But back to this quotation in a vacuum. I've just always thought the term garbage was funny. It's not like calling someone trash, which would be demeaning their very existence. Garbage usually means they do some action terribly. When my high school basketball teammates would call someone garbage because of their lopsided jump shot or clumsy crossover, I always laughed. I mean, it just sounds better than saying someone sucks.

(And no, they weren't talking about me. I don't think.)

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