Thursday, December 14, 2006

Please save the puppy...

A one-month old baby allegedly got some of its toes chewed off by a pit bull puppy.

No one knows for sure if the puppy is responsible for chewing off the child's toes, but whether the pit bull did it or not--the child's parents should be jailed forever. They claim they were sleep while the child's foot was brutalized (that's questionable--wouldn't you have heard a baby crying if something was eating its foot?).

And during all the hoopla created about this incident the public responds by saying they want to save the puppy.


For real? The puppy? The same puppy that has chewed off someone toes and could potentially be a threat to the community?


What about the maimed baby?

It's been reported the animal shelter that's housing the pitbull has received several phone calls from folks wanting to know if the animal can be saved. But I bet the state department of children services hasn't gotten any phone calls about the one-month-old baby.

I can only imagine its hard to take care of a baby. Lord knows I'm not ready to step up and do it but am I the only person that thinks its a little weird that most folks are more concerned about saving a dog than they are a human?


melissa dameworth said...

I am not saying that people should not also be concerned for the welfare of the child. But I am saying that if this couple was oblivious enough not to notice their child's toes being chewed off (over a period of time) allegedly by the puppy, how do you think they treated something as lowly as a dog?

They don't notice their child being mangled...hmmm...maybe they didn't notice that they hadn't fed the puppy in days. Who knows?

I am an animal lover, though not necessarily a dog person, and it has been my experience that many people barely see their fellow humans as living creatures deserving of compassion. And an animal? Forget about it.

People are just trying to save this animal from being euthanized.

The true crime here is that once the parents are back in society, they can always get another puppy and they can always make another baby. In my opinion, this incident may have saved this child from being raised by a set of parents who deserve to be spayed/neutered.

Ashley Northington said...

Thanks, Melissa!

I really like what you said. I think this whole situation is just craziness. And, you're right the parents should not be allowed to have any more kids. I understand about people not wanting the dog to put euthanized but what if it did chew off the child's it likely that he'd do something like that again?

Doink said...

We're not to the point yet where we sterilize people for being bad parents.

The point is that it's Christmas and the child has no toes!

melissa dameworth said...

Doink, you are so crazy. I say that because I also read your posts on Marshall Fannin. :)

Anyway, Ashley... it is also entirely possible that this is just a bad dog, whether as a result of breeding or a lack of obedience training.

I guess no one will ever really know what set off this chain of events or who deserves the brunt of the blame.

It's like I said in my earlier post, they may not have been feeding the puppy and the dog in turn made a snack out of the child's toes.

I don't understand how the parents could be so oblivious. Were they high or something?

Anonymous said...

Melissa...couldn't have said it better myself. Most people just don't want the puppy to be euthanized because society doesn't give animals second chances. Those are reserved for people like the worthless parents of this baby.

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