Thursday, June 07, 2007

Go back to jail!

Seriously, why is Paris Hilton not spending all of her time in jail?

Her sentence was already reduced. Being released for medical reasons is ridiculous.

She knew what she was doing by driving on a suspended license. She knew what she was doing when she was pulled over for driving recklessly (translation: driving drunk). She should have spent time in jail then.

So now she's confined to her house for the next 40 days. I wish I could be locked in a mansion with a wait staff for that long.

All of these people who get off the hook by complaining are beginning to make me sick. If you do something wrong you should have to suffer the consequence.

If I were in the same type of trouble as Paris, I think I'd probably still be in jail.


Randy said...

I wonder how much cash it took to pay off the doctor. I'm sure someone was bought.

Anonymous said...

why are people serving jail sentences for that anyway? Driving with a a suspended license? Hard core criminal that Paris.

Ashley Northington said...

But she was driving on a suspended license less than a month after she was driving drunk--the reason her license was suspended initially!

Drunk drivers and those who are prone to drive intoxicated need to be off the street.

Anonymous said...

45 days is HARDLY "off the street", Ashley.

Anonymous said...

I believe that he Washington should have been given another chance. I mean, why not? Because of (when it all boils down to it) something that he said about a gay guy-COME ON PEOPLE!!! U fire 1 of the best minorities on the show for that. O.k. I feel that for as long as it took Paris Hilton to go to jail as a convicted criminal--this "get 'em out because he hurt someone's feelings are basically ridiculous! Goodness people.