Monday, June 18, 2007

MySpace vs Facebook

I think my MySpace days have come to an end.

When I first started a MySpace page about 2 years ago I was addicted. I was on there all the time, looking for old friends and keeping up with friends from home. It was very useful because instead of spending my days on the phone, I could check their MySpace page and see what they're up to or send them a quick note.

But now, my inbox is flooded with promotional messages, concert notices and notes from folks who use MySpace as a dating service. Here's an example of one I got just yesterday:

Give me the chance to starting a revolution with changing you life and mines with you. We can be like a puzzzle with a million of pieces that i'm putting together to bring a picture of us holding hands, is it possible i get to kno u better?


A few months ago I joined Facebook and I love it. It's a lot more exclusive in the way that only people listed as your friends can look at your page or leave comments. It seems a lot simpler too. I haven't gotten any mail I didn't want and it's got a lot of cute, extra features.

Now I just have to talk some other folks that are on MySpace to switch to Facebook so I can have all of my friends in one place.

Any thoughts? Anyone out there prefer MySpace? Is there anyone else like me that made the switch?


Anonymous said...

Facebook all the way. It's easier and MySpace makes my computer drag.

South BC T fan said...
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Anonymous said...

That's very creepy and sort of sad, south bc t fan.

Anonymous said...

Well for me..
i like both of them...
for myspace, all you have to do is that to don't let them send u a message...

it's easy~~!!