Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Home goodies

On Saturday morning I set out for Nashville.

By Saturday evening I was eating all of my grandma's homemade cooking. It was good.

Late on Saturday night my best friend and I ate lots of homemade sweets while staying up late watching movies and talking.

On Sunday I went to my home church and went over my best friend's house to eat her mom's food. It wasn't ready when I got there but I promised to be back to eat the roast, cornbread, green beans and other goodies.

Later on Sunday I ate food at my great-grandmother's home in Springfield, Tenn., and at KFC.

I went to a party Sunday night and I ate (and drank) more.

Monday morning I ate for breakfast my grandmother's left overs from Sunday: baked chicken, turnip greens, sweet potatoes and bread. Delicious.

Monday afternoon I decided to eat at Krystal's a fast food chain similar to White Castle but it's not in Shreveport. I huffed my fries and burgers down. I had a piece of caramel cake to boot.

By Monday evening I was sick. Really sick.

I couldn't eat anything Monday night or all-day Tuesday. Not one morsel of food.

Here it is Wednesday and I've only been brave enough to drink water.

I guess this is my punishment for being piggish.

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