Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Showing my age

I had to work really late Tuesday night (by late I mean its well after 1:30 a.m. Wednesday and I'm still at work as I'm writing this) to cover a huge, breaking news story.

Since the news was so big, there were lots of people present including students (I'm an education reporter) and all of the television news outlets.

I went to purchase a Coke for me and my fellow blogger and co-worker Adam. We wanted to wash down the pizza reporters from Channel 6 ordered for us, them, and news channels 3 and 12. As I walked to the vending machine, I overheard some high school-aged girls talking and giggling about a certain television reporter's makeup.

"He puts it on so thick he looks like its for his casket," I heard one of them say.

Everyone laughed.

I knew who they were talking about but I won't say it--I'll let you guess.

Then another one of them said, "His eyebrows look better than mine."

They all laughed again. They all said they thought the reporter was really cute, despite his heavey makeup.

I said, "Some of my co-workers joke that he looks like Eddie Munster."

I giggled. They didn't.

"Ya'll don't know who Eddie Munster is?"

An older, 40-ish looking female police officer said to me, "Girl, they are too young to know who the Munsters are. They aren't that old."


How old do you have to be to know who Eddie Munster is?


As I was leaving with my Cokes, one of the girls said, "Yeah, I'm not that old. I'm only 16."

Shoot. I must be that old then. For the first time in my life I'm old. And I'm only 23.


Kevan Smith said...

David Begnaud is the worst. Keep the kids away form him.

Ashley Northington said...


He's not the worst...

Funny stuff.