Friday, June 22, 2007

Some Bonnaroo pics, as promised

Here's a visual taste of Bonnaroo, all the way from Manchester, Tenn.
The gate, where you wait for security guards to check your pockets and bags for items ranging from drugs (every day) to cameras (when "the artists" don't want their photo taken) and umbrellas (when it seems cloudy enough to rain or the sun is really beating down).

The Bobbleheads. Good for a shake or shade.

My partner in crime and sister, Sarah, with me.

The confusingly/cleverly named Which stage, with Damien Rice performing.

A Rice close-up.

An Adam's arm close-up.

As you can imagine, weeks without rain plus 80,000 (according to a USA Today article) people walking all over means LOTS of dust.

More dust, with a big screen side of Ben Harper.

My attempt at avoiding lung poisoning.

And this is what you do when you're sleepy -- just lie down.


Gustavo said...

Thanks for coming, Adam! Had a great time with you.

Adam Kealoha Causey said...

Hey, G. I have more pics I can send to you.