Monday, September 10, 2007

Final rant on MTV VMA's...I promise!

Since I feel like most of the world has already talked ad nauseum or at least heard something about last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, especially Britney’s awful performance, I’ll try to keep my thoughts brief.

Several of my friends have referred to it as the MTV ADD Awards show. Waaay too many flashing graphics, almost incoherent computerized voiceovers and dizzying cut-ins without any rhyme or reason. If I weren’t such an entertainment/pop cult junkie, I coulda found a thousand other better ways to spend those two hours of my life.

Hits and misses:

-Some of the live concerts going on elsewhere in the hotel during the awards show were cool, but I couldn’t figure out a) Why they were going on during the show and b) Why in the world we couldn’t at least see complete performances.

-For me, when Chris Brown is the highlight of a music awards show, that says a lot, especially considering he doesn't even really sing.

-And while the pairing of 50 Cent and Kanye West to present an award was clever, (considering their upcoming Billboard chart showdown when both of their albums drop tomorrow) even that, like most of the show, appeared awkward and nonsensical.

There were funny parts, like Jamie Foxx’s plea to stop the "white-on-white crime," referring to the apparently offscreen fight between Kid Rock and Tommy Lee. And then there’s comedienne Sarah’s Silverman edgy monologue that was funny, but way too mean and colorful to even mention on here.

There’s so much more I could say, but a quick Google search tells me that, chances are, everyone’s already said it. So my MTV VMA rant ends here. If you missed the show and feel you must know what everyone's talking about, check it out here.

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