Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tainted Potato Salad

Last week I about had a heart attack.

I always hear about recalls - be it toys, baby sleepers, spinach. I normally just ignore them because its never anything that I buy.

Now I'm thinking about it differently.

On the news Friday there was a short announcement about some Kroger potato salad that the company warned should be thrown away because it "may contain E.coli."

I had to think for a minute because I thought I had bought some potato salad on my last shopping trip. I went to the 'fridge and there it was. Kroger brand Mustard Style potato salad with the best-if-used-by date of Sept. 5.

I tasted the potato salad about a week ago, but never ate a full portion, so I thought I'd be OK.

But it got me to thinking, if I hadn't happened to be watching the news at that moment, how would I have known?

Though Kroger officials say this was a "voluntary recall" and no illnesses have been reported, I feel like there needs to be a better system of notifying people.

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Anonymous said...

Outside of reporting to government agencies and the media, what ELSE would you like to do?