Saturday, September 22, 2007

More from Jena

The signs (Click on pics to make the bigger.)

Two things that are always a relief to see in situations like this:

Cold water! (Provided by the American Red Cross.)


People marching to Jena

State troopers

Jena resident sits on her porch and listens to protesters
While her daughter, a Jena High School student, talks to an ABC news reporter. (below)

Below, she talks to Times reporter Loresha Wilson about what she thinks will happen after this protest.

And I'll leave you with a quick funny story about the guy in the video below. This guy was walking around waving this piece of wood in the air, proudly declaring to anyone who would listen that he'd found the final piece of the infamous tree at Jena High School... Unfortunately for him, his moment of fame last about 15 minutes when another guy came along waving a branch in the air, proudly proclaiming the same thing - that he had the final piece of that same tree.

Below he talks to Times reporter Ashley Northington about what he hopes will come out of the day's events, but he gets drowned out by the chants of the protesters.

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Janelle Rucker said...

I LOVE the "Kanye was right" sign.

Good video!