Monday, October 08, 2007

P-funkin' at the Revel

It’s been two whole days since George Clinton tore the roof off the mutha at The Red River Revel Saturday night and I’m still recovering.

My mental playlist is on a continuous stream of George Clinton-induced phrases and choruses like “We Want the Funk” and “Make my funk the p-funk” and “One Nation under a Groove.”

If you missed it, I’m so sorry for you because it looked like all of Shreveport was there, all races, ages, everything. I even saw folks my parents age, black and white, getting DOWN!

I’m telling you, that was one of THE best concerts I’ve ever gone to in my life – and I’ve been to my share of concerts. And I’m not just saying that because I and fellow Times staffers Ashley Northington, Janelle Rucker, Nishia Livingston and Velda Hunter got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to actually dance onstage with George Clinton and ‘nem for their closing song “Atomic Dog.” (Yes, that was us on stage, purses and all.)

Two words for that moment: absolutely surreal! And of course, I didn’t have my digital camera to capture it. So, my blurry cell phone camera had to do. Unfortunately, I haven’t learned how to take a pic of myself while dancing, lol.

Me, Ashley and Nishia with Parliament band member Carlos before we went on stage.

Velda with Carlos

Btw, that's Ashley's hair on the left side of the pic. And yes, she's dancing with George Clinton.
Carlos and Nishia get down to "Atomic Dog."

Anyway, for better-looking, professional pics, check out the photo gallery by Times photographer Doug Collier.


Anonymous said...

Hey that is pretty cool. I love to hear about once-in-a-lifetime stories like this. Wish I were there!

Donecia Pea said...

Thanks anonymous! I'm telling you, there's no way I could have fathomed that night would turn out like that, lol.
If they ever come through your town, you GOTTA go for real.I'm STILL kicking myself for not having my camera!

Pedro Pizarro said...

That is awesome, Donecia.
I'm with you -- that is one of the best shows I've seen and I've been to many concerts. I can't believe it was in Shreveport!
That's the second time I've seen George Clinton (I saw the P-Funk All-Stars in 1994) and he just seems to get better with age :)

Take care

Anonymous said...

It was a great show, I was shocked at how long they played!

Donecia Pea said...

Hey Pedro! Man, I'm with you - I STILL can't believe that was in Shreveport. For $10!!! Ooh wow and you saw them twice, too?! Now THAT's awesome. I promise if they're ever concert in the same town as me, I'm going to BE there, lol.

Yeah, anonymous, I was really surprised they played that long, too, because at one point I really thought the show was about to end and it turned out that was just a break or something. In fact, we almost left because we thought it was over and that they weren't going to do "Atomic Dog." One of my friends actually DID leave and missed it.

Anonymous said...

I heard George Clinton was wearing a diaper.

Anonymous said...

You heard wrong. It was one of the guitar players.

Donecia Pea said...

Yeah anonymous #2, anonymous #3 is right. (As if the fact that it wasn't George Clinton, but the guitar player wearing the diaper makes the sight of such any more sensible, lol.)

I think they were trying to trick us or something because the diapered guitar made this grand entrance onstage like maybe 30 min. to an hour before George came out and the crowd went completely wild thinking it was George for the longest time.

I have to give one of my friends credit though, because he kept insisting the diapered guitar-player wasn't George and I thought my friend was crazy until George actually came out - in a T-shirt and pants.(thank GAWD!)