Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pass the Kleenex

So, I’ve been all geeked and DVR-ready for the new TV season and was all too excited to catch the season premieres of my favorite shows.
My TV show lineup went a little something like this: Last Thursday night ABC shows “Ugly Betty” and “Grey’s Anatomy” on through Sunday with ABC shows “Desperate Housewives,” (Yes, I STILL watch that show,) and “Brothers and Sisters” and then rounding it off Monday night with my CW show “Girlfriends” and my latest addition “The Game.”

And while I enjoyed all the twists and turns of the storylines in each of these show’s episodes, is it me or were they a bunch of sad, tear-jerker storylines?

I mean, I expect to grab some Kleenex for Grey’s Anatomy - that’s just a given. But “Ugly Betty”???! That was one of the cruelest surprises of all because through most of the show, they gave me a false sense of relief that Santos was actually alive and recovering from what looked like a fatal gunshot. Then, in the last five to 10 minutes of the show, we realize it was all in Hilda’s head. I mean that was incredible writing, but so awfully heartbreaking…

And the rest of my shows pretty much continued the same way. I mean there’s Lynette’s cancer battle on “Desperate Housewives,” and the dangling cliffhanger on whether or not Justin survived the bomb explosion in “Brothers and Sisters;” the emotionally explosive and almost violent dissolution of Melanie and Derwin’s relationship on “The Game.”

Then, just when I really thought I was gonna get my laugh on watching one of my favorite shows “Girlfriends” it got all serious at the end when Joan’s fiancée is called to war! I mean, they coulda thrown Joan a bone after all the drama and insanity she’s gone through to find the love of her life.

Man…I need to them lighten up on these storylines. Is anyone else feeling me on this on any of these shows or any of the season premieres of your favorite shows? Or maybe I just need to freshen up my TV lineup.


T.J. Winbush said...

You've listed all my favorite shows as well. LOL. I am an avid "Grey's Anatomy" fan. I would suggest the new show "Big Shots." It airs after "Greay's." "The Game" appears as though it will be great this season as well.

Donecia Pea said...

Yay! I'm glad to know we have the same TV tastes t.j.!
So "Big Shots" is actually good, huh? I'm usually so emotionally drained by the time I finish with "Grey's" that I don't make it to "Big Shots." However, since you recommended the show and we have the same taste, I just might actually give it a shot, lol.