Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Do you speak TV?

Y'all know by now that we talk about everything on here from the serious, heavy stuff, to the silly stuff. So, I'm going a little light today because I'm wondering what my TV heads out there are thinking about the latest season/series finales?

I watched "Girlfriends" and while I was happy about Joan finally getting engaged, it really felt like a much-needed series finale. I say “much-needed” because without the character of Toni Childs, this past season was just sad, more than anything. I mean, you can tell the actors and writers worked really hard to keep it going and I kept watching all season out of loyalty, but no doubt the show lost its flavor for real without the return of Toni.

I think I’m probably one of the few "Gilmore Girls" fans left out there. And I’m not even a 100 percent true fan because this whole season has been such a snore for me, that I hadn’t even gotten around to watching my DVR recordings of the show. I didn’t even make it to the finale. So I was glad to know it was a series finale, yet disappointed that the series had to go out like that.

Then, there’s the heartbreaking "Grey’s Anatomy" season finale. I’m a die-hard Grey’s Anatomy fan and all, but I was SO disappointed with this finale for a number of reasons. Well, that is until I read Shonda’s blog about it. (I’m referring to the show's creator Shonda Rhimes. Yes, in my head we’re on a first name basis.) After reading that I feel slightly more hopeful about the coming season. Otherwise, that season finale also felt more like a series finale.

OK, OK, for those of you who don’t watch any of these shows, you’re probably thinking I’ve finally lost my mind for good or you stopped reading this long time ago. But for those of you who do watch at least ONE of these shows, what did you think about the finales? What do you hope to see next season? What about any other season finales out there? What shows did you like or not and why?


Randy said...

I'm a little upset about how Jericho ended. The season ended with a cliffhanger, and then CBS canceled the show.

Donecia Pea said...

Aw dang. Now that really sucks. I hate when networks do that.

That's how I felt when NBC cancelled "The Book of Daniel." (Yes, I was one of the few folks that actually watched and enjoyed the show!)

I feel like they should actually creat a TV network 'graveyard' of sorts where cancelled TV shows get a chance to have a proper or send-off or 'burial,' complete with resolved plots and everything.

OK, clearly I've spent too much time thinking about this, lol.