Monday, May 28, 2007

The final frontier: The conclusion

Well, it was hard, but I finally did it.

I finally mustered up enough courage (and money) to boldly step into the new millennium and catch up with all of my hip peers.

I finally bought an mp3 player. And not only did I do that, but I got a new system for my car and for my home. After nearly two years, I’ve finally welcomed back a lifelong friend that had been gone for far too long: my music!

As some of you may recall I’d pretty much gotten fed up and surrendered to the advanced technology that has practically eradicated “ancient” conventions such as the cassette player and the cd player. I fought change for as long as I could, but having radio as my only music option just wasn’t getting it.

And thanks to some of you guys and a few friends, I finally settled on the Apple iPod as my mp3 player of choice. But it would be another two or three weeks before I finally got the nerve to just go on and buy the darn thing.

When it comes to change y’all, I’m like an old woman. It’s just hard to let go, not only in terms of “antiquated” music devices, but of the cash that such upgrades tend to require.

But I’d done tons of research and saved my money for a long, long time and it was set aside for this moment. And in my mind, this major purchase was a major investment - one I hope to not have to make again for at LEAST the next five years. So I got up Saturday morning, prepped my mind for the task ahead and boldly marched into that Best Buy store.

I had one last moment of hesitation as I pondered over purchasing the new system and iPod adapter for my car. However, thanks to the patient, but friendly nudging of a sales associate named Chris B. (Yeah, I know that’s their JOB! I wasn’t a sucker.) I went ahead and executed my plan and automatically felt like someone put the Technicolor back in my life!
I’m giddy like a kid on Christmas morning who just unwrapped a new favorite toy.

Well, actually, I’m almost overwhelmed with all of these new options. Turns out I was wise to go for the 30-gig iPod because I had a little over 1,300 songs already and I still have plenty more CDs to put on there.

Shoot, that’s a lot of options to sift through too, so of course I still have some things to learn about creating playlists and such.

But hey, the way I see it, I’m finally here, walking around in the 21st century of music technology so I might as well enjoy the trip.

Any tips on accessories I might want to consider, creating or organizing playlists, listening to iPod music on car audio or home stereo? Or anything else?

Here's a pic of the kinda iPod I now own (It looks JUST like this, color and all.)


napoleonsr said...

I am a music lover. I've owned an mp3 player for quite sometime now. I love this little gadget. What's so good about it, you don't have to worry about a lot of cassettes or cds. It is great.

Napoleon Gilbert, Sr.

Donecia Pea said...

Hey Dea. Gilbert! Yeah I'm still trying to adjust to not having a cassette player anymore, lol. But I think I am starting to fall in love with this little thing. It's incredible to me that it holds so much music.