Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Leaving Flav and the girls alone

When the VH-1 reality series Flavor of Love appeared in 2005 I was very excited.

I love everything about Flava Flav and his dramatic, eccentric ways. I enjoyed seeing him on television because I thought he was funny. And I became a loyal watcher on Sunday nights.

Flavor of Love was to be a show where the former rapper could find a girlfriend. It was similar to The Bachelor, except without all the nice people and class. Flav's show was like him: out of control.

I loved it.

After he was jilted by the woman he chose, VH-1 aired another season of my newfound favorite show. I had doubts it would top the first season but I gave it a shot anyway. It was way better than I expected. So much better that I hosted Flavor of Love viewing parties at my apartment. One of my former editors even gave me a framed portrait of his face.

I mean, I'd never try to be on his show. I would NEVER degrade myself in that manner but I didn't mind watching others look foolish.

Since then two other shows have spawn from Flavor of Love: I Love New York, a bacherlorette-esque show that Tiffany Pollard was given after being ditched by Flav on two seasons of Flav's show, and The Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School, which stars comedian/actress Monique and takes girls from both seasons of the original reality show to make them compete for $50,000.

I became a loyal fan of the I Love New York show. I watched because I saw the pain on her face when she was humiliated by Flavor Flav twice when he decided to choose another girl over her. I watched her show because a big part of me wanted her to find a love of her own.

Then she was dumped again. This time by a man of her own choosing. And the world watched as she cried. Now the search continues to find her a mate. Viewers can even cast votes for who they think should be on the show.

I'm not watching. I'm tired.

But the Charm School program takes the cake. I've watched all the episodes thus far and I am not entertained. I'm ashamed.

I'm ashamed that I even thought this type of television programming was funny and I'm even more ashamed that these girls are exploiting themselves for such a small amount of money.

What brought me to this conclusion was watching this Monday's episode of Charm School. I'm done. I can not digest anymore foolishness. I've reached my breaking point.

Those shows will no longer have my eyes. I'm putting my picture of Flava Flav in the closet.

I'm so over it.

Are ya'll?

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