Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The final frontier: Help!

Ok, so I haven't fully joined the 21st century yet in terms of technology.
As hip as I like to think I still am, there's still one frontier I haven't reached – the land of the mp3 player.

Nope, the last music technology I got installed in my car was a JVC 12-disc changer in 2002 and it served me well… Well, up until a year or two ago.
It started with the speakers going in and out every time I made a left or right turn. Then, the sound just went completely out, which was weird because my radio plays just fine through those same speakers.

And, of course, when I took it back to the retail electronics store I purchased it from, warranty included, they looked at me like I was speaking Klingon.

Fortunately, I found an independent dealer who actually took time, about an hour and a half, trying to figure out the problem before he gave me the verdict: My beloved 12-disc changer was irreparable and had reached its expiration date.

Shortly after that, my home stereo with a 5-CD changer just suddenly quit working all together. I started to wonder if this was a conspiracy of sorts, but then again, I’d had it since my senior year in college, more than six years ago, so I guess I had to see it coming.

So, for a year, I’ve been trying to decide on whether or not to move on and get that mp3 player. That means I’ve endured a year with nothing but radio in my car.
That’s more than 300 CDs in my collection and about another 100 or so burned, mixed and borrowed CDs getting barely any play at all except in my computer. This is no way to live.

I’ve asked everyone I could think of for advice: Should I get another CD changer? Can I find one that lasts? What are my other options?
But I’ve finally accepted that perhaps it’s time to do what I gotta do: get an mp3 player.

And this is where y’all come in: I need help! In fact, I’m even working on a story about this later in the month to provide a guide for other lost souls out there like me.

So here’s what I need to know:
Where in the world should I start in my search for the right mp3 player? What do you have? What brands do you recommend, especially for a working class (read: POOR) girl like myself? (I am willing to pay the price for quality, though.) And WHERE do you recommend I buy this gadget in terms of support, because I really want a place that’s not going to look at me crazy when I bring it in for repair or troubleshooting.


Randy said...

I would look at getting an Ipod and either connecting it to your existing stereo or buying a new receiver that can control the Ipod.

Crutchfield is a excellent online retailer.
You can call them and ask questions.

For local service, go by Wright's Sound Gallery.

Anonymous said...

I purchased a Sansa E260 from Best Buy and I like it. My children have Ipods and they are alright also. The Sansa cost about half as much as the Ipod.

I like the way the Sansa is synced better than the Ipod becuase I have more control. Sansa support was also very helpful when I needed to call them.

Botht the Sansa and Ipod have problems with the ear buds. Neither are all that good.

Donecia Pea said...

Thanks for the info and websites randy. So you think the Ipod is the best? The only reason I'm hesitant on the Ipod is because I want one that can hold thousands of songs and those Ipods are kind of pricey. And do the only work with Ipod parts and accessories? Or are they interchangeable with off brand stuff, like adapters, mp3 files, etc.? Like will it only play Itunes?

Thanks for the info anonymous. My question with that is how much space does the Sansa have and what do you mean by you have more control with the Sansa than the Ipod?

Janelle Rucker said...

I'd reccommend an iPod, but that might be because I and everyone I know has one.

You can use it any kind of way. They make adapters for your car, they sell contraptions that you can sit it in and turn it into a stereo and you'd get iPod/Mac support for all your problems/troubleshooting needs.

I don't use mine as much as I should but I do like it and though you'd need one of the more expensive models, I think it's worth it.

Good luck! And welcome to the 21st century...

Donecia Pea said...

Thanks Janelle. So how much space does yours hold? So you're saying that you can use your ipod with none-Apple ipod products? I'm just trying to make sure I don't end up with the "Dell" of mp3 players to where you can only use iPod products with the iPod mp3 player.

Greg Pearson said...

I have a 30 gig iPod...I'm half full with 3000 files of mostly music, some photos, and a few podcasts. I dont use video, but it has the capability. I have a Belkin FM transmitter I can take anywhere I got at Target. I have some brand I cant think of FM transmitter in my car that charges my iPod while I listen. I wont be able to get everything on my computer onto the iPod, but then I'd never be able to listen to ALL of it. There are lots of good options out there, but the iPods seem to get the most accessories available. It syncs with iTunes which is free and works on Mac or PC. iTunes is just another software program for filing and listening to music and video files. I also have my contacts and calendar from Outlook sync'd so I can take that with me...pretty useful for a journalist. Most come with earbuds, but to get good sound, you gotta pay for the good ones...you get what you pay for. My wife isnt as big a music fan, so I got her an iPod Nano...she swears by it...not enough memory for ME though.

Janelle Rucker said...

Yeah, I've got a 2 GB iPod nano. I think it holds about 200 songs or so. I plan to move up and get a big-boy iPod soon.
Like Greg said, you can use equipment made by other companies with an iPod.
I really like iTunes. I've got it on my lap top and I use it a lot like Windows Media Player. I've put a lot of my cds in my iTunes library, making it easy to transfer to my iPod. Then when I just want one song or so off of an album, I can go to the iTunes buy it for 99 cents.

Donecia Pea said...

Ooh wow Greg! I think combined with Janelle and all the other comments on here you've really gotten me hype on this iPod! A 30 gig one!!! That's what I'm talking about. It sounds like you can do just about EVERYTHING with that bad boy too.
Ok, y'all, I guess I'm going to get my pennies together and get the iPod. If you don't mind, I'd like to know how much your iPod cost.

If you don't want to answer on here, you can just email it to me, it's up to you.

Da Arsonist said...

You can get a preused one online at like Target.com for $250 or so.

With an option on a warranty.

Donecia Pea said...

Really? But that's about how much the new one costs on their Apple site.
What kind do you have and where did you get it from?

Eric said...

I have an Ipod and I just have one warning for you.

Get the extend warranty that covers the battery, cuz guess what if the battery dies you can't change it....I found out the hard way.

Stacye said...

Girl I got an Ipod too and that is a miricle in itself!! I say that b/c my phone is the old school nokia style, LOL. Thats b/c I refuse to change my old At&T plan (I get 800 anytime minutes, free nights and weekends, plus free text messenging)!

Ipods are fun! Its cool to have all your music with you all the time.

Greg Pearson said...

I've had zero problems with mine...get a case though. It WILL get scratched, even though the scratches I got in the year I carried it around without a case didn't affect the performance at all.

the paper bicycle said...

the sony walkman is incredible. small. it works. you can actually buy it and (this is the best part) you don't have to rebuy all your existing music. there are ways of getting it where you need it.