Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Proper attire

God bless Maggie Martin - our resident society guru. Since entering that wedding phase of life, I have frequently received invitations that say things like "dressy casual," and I never know what that means. Do I have to wear a dress, or can I get away with nice pants? Does my date need a tie?

Well, Maggie got the low down according to the Demoiselle Club and shared it on her blog, so I'm going to pass it on to you...

"Cocktail": Suit, coat and tie for men, calf/length party dresses for women.

"Dressy casual." Coat and tie for men, church quality, dressy dresses, sundresses, pantsuits for women — also known as "clubhouse" and "chic."

"Summer casual." Think J Crew. Seersucker pants, dresses, skirts, sundresses, Bermuda shorts with polo shirts tucked in, cropped pants, short skirts.

"Casual." Think Gap, Old Navy. T-shirts tucked into cute shorts or skirts, cropped pants, khakis, sundresses, flats.

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