Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Want some Cocaine?

Ok, this is silly, but I was just wondering something.
When it comes to energy drinks, is it just me or can folks can come up with some pretty random, strange names?

I mean there’s Red Bull, SoBe, Full Throttle, energy drink-turned anthem Rockstar and please don’t remind me of that god-awful name Pimp Juice.

But what do you know about that Cocaine? No, seriously, that’s the name of one of the newest energy drinks out there. Not for long though.

Now, I’m not even into energy drinks and to me, this name tops ‘em all in craziness. I mean I can only imagine the ad campaign "Looking for a way to jumpstart your day? Try Cocaine."

The real stuff is even wackier. On their web site, one of their ads said “Have you tasted the new Cocaine?” against a backdrop scantily clad girls posing in Cocaine tanks and boy-shorts.


However, as I read the story, I couldn’t help but wonder if they’re on to something. I mean if I saw this in the store, would I be curious enough to pick it up, or even try it?

Would you? Better yet, have you?


Kathryn Usher said...

PLEEZE... That idea's about 100 years too late. Back in the day Coke had coke not just the namby-pamby name of an illegal substance. Ahh, those wacky good ol' days. As far as I can recollect that was also about the time when Shreveport had that big ol' legal red light district (as Teddy Allen once said..."Hey, I'm just saying").

Randy said...

This is another example of the media getting people worked up over nothing.

Donecia Pea said...

Lol, good point Kathryn! I thought about Coke too...I mean, hey, if it worked out then, why not now?

I'm not sure I see your point randy. From what I read, the Cocaine drink has thousands of supporters and it was the feds who kicked up a fuss in the first place about the drink's name. So really, it's the FDA that's getting folks worked up for nothing, right?

Da Arsonist said...

I'd buy a can for collection purposes. I'd put it in the cabinet with my can of Pimp Juice and Crunk.

Donecia Pea said...

Hmm, a collection of energy drinks...That actually not a bad idea, lol.