Thursday, July 12, 2007

Anybody catch crunk on this ginormous list?

In case you missed it, Merriam-Webster has released a list of words that will appear for the first time in its latest collegiate dictionary (to be released this fall), and the aforementioned language units are includes as a noun and adjective, respectively.

The list also includes Bollywood, gray literature, agnolotti and viewshed. I only knew what that first word meant before clicking on the definitions. The dictionary folks said all of the new words are widely used in print, hense their inclusion. But it seems like at least three of the four in this paragraph are pretty specific to an industry or culture.

What does the blogosphere say?

On another note, I realize and respect the fact that language evolves. But I think ginormous just sounds stupid. You have to know the definition of the two words that are blended to make it, so why not just say enourmous or gigantic?

I will admit, though, that I'm not against all combo words. The word mancation (man + vacation) cracks me up. (You'll have to go to Urban Dictionary for that one.) And I've used it several times lately. I know, I should probably be ashamed. But, dang, it's funny.

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