Friday, July 27, 2007

Some things just catch your eye

I think what's interesting about this photo will speak for itself. I was driving behind the truck pulling this trailer Thursday afternoon on I-20. It was moving pretty slow, and I was getting irritated. Just before I was getting ready to pass it in the right lane, I noticed what it said.

I guess Bud 'n Bubba were just passing through, because I couldn't find any evidence of them being in the area on their calendar.
Anyway, that's just one of those things you see... and take a picture of while driving.


Anonymous said...

You remind me of this accountant I once knew who bored everyone to death with mindless anecdotes. Maybe mix in a joke once in a while. I thought this blog was supposed to be the hip wing of the Times. I may have to expropriate your keyboard if you keep this up.

P.S. I do enjoy reading your columns though. The talent you display in your daily columns cannot be contained within the confines of a small market paper. Hatch from your cocoon young Causey and fly to get the Pulitzer you rightly deserve.

Adam Kealoha Causey said...

Man, that was a double-edged sword. I mean, I know I don't write a masterpiece on every blog entry, but am I that bad?

Thanks for the compliment, though. If you know anybody on the Pulitzer judges board, give them my name. And your favorite article that I've written. ;)