Monday, July 16, 2007

Is it that serious?

So I was reading this story where some stations are refusing to air a particular Trojan condom commercial and I’m kinda confused. Or maybe befuddled would be a better word.

I mean it’s not necessarily that I think it should be aired. Heck, I just watched the commercial the first time and actually thought it was kind of funny, sort of bold, maybe... Well not really, just funny.

I’ve cringed more when a commercial about erectile dysfunction suddenly popped on TV while I was eating dinner with the folks.

Or when I’m having a night of insomnia and am suddenly bombarded with those ridiculous Girls Gone Wild ads that seem to run like diarrhea on late night cable.

So I guess I’m saying if you’re gonna draw the line, I would think you’d do it somewhere around those lines, not for a commercial that’s actually promoting sexual responsibility and disease prevention.

Or maybe I’m just trippin’.

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