Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I know I sound nuts, but I'm starting to feel old.

Today, my itty-bitty, little sister called me to tell me that she just finished DRIVING my old car to the store. I couldn't believe it! I almost choked on my own spit when she told me.

My other little sister called yesterday to talk with me about plans for my nephew's 1-year-old birthday party. She wants to have a water party for him--it's going to fun.


It's hard to believe its almost been a year since my sister nearly ripped my hand off during labor.

Today one of my dearest friends turned 25. I'm so excited for her, but she's starting to feel old, too--just like me.

And, my birthday is next Saturday, July 28. I'll be 24.

Craziness. I guess everyone gets old(er?).


Greg Pearson said...

Ashley......please. Two words for you..."two" and "four". Enjoy it.

Ashley Northington said...


Ok. You're right. I'll chill. But still, how can my sister be driving?

Melinda Williams said...

I gotta sign on with Greg on this one. I'm a little shaken by my upcoming 27th birthday (yes, I know it's not old, but shouldn't I own something besides a very cheap economy car, a dog, a lot of clothes and shoes I don't wear and a nice bit of student loan debt). But my best friends nephew, who was born when I was in high school, is in middle school and my classmates are getting ready for my 10th reunion. You're fine, enjoy being young.

Adam Kealoha Causey said...

Young and hip, obviously, by being a Link blogger.

Greg Pearson said...

you're old when you're feet ache in the morning...when your own mother points out your receding hairline...when interns were born AFTER you graduated from high school!

Ashley Northington said...

I guess you're right Greg. The intern is older than me.