Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Did you ponder Presidents Day?

Yesterday was Presidents Day. I worked, but most of my friends, especially those who are military, were off from work.

Now that we're all back into work, did anyone actually dwell on the meaning of Presidents Day? Whether you worked or you were off having fun, what did you do to celebrate the occasion? Did you think -- at all -- about the current president or past presidents?

Speaking of presidents, I saw this (Former President Bush endorses McCain) on TV this weekend. I'm pretty sure we all know where former President Clinton stands on the campaign trail. What do you think of former presidents giving their political endorsement? Does it say, or weigh, any more than other organizations who endorse a candidate?

Or do we even care what anyone else thinks of the candidates?

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Stephanie Bemrose said...

Apparently nobody pondered Presidents Day! :0)