Monday, February 04, 2008

That rockin’ young vote

Early primaries and caucuses have come and gone and nationwide political attention has now shifted to Super Tuesday.

Twenty-two states will hold primaries tomorrow and candidates are heavy into their final push for support. There are 1,023 delegates up for grabs for the Republicans and 1,681 delegates up for grabs for the Democrats.

The talk this election year about young voters and the impact that they have started early-on in 2007 — and rightfully so. The importance of presidential elections and the issues that face the country and the world are, now more than ever, of great importance to all voters.

According to the Youth Vote Coalition, 51.6 percent of people age 18-30 are registered to vote. In the 2004 presidential election, turnout among voters age 18-29 jumped nine percentage points, or 4.3 million voters, over 2000, according to Young Voter Strategies.

We know what many of the national hot-button issues are, but as a newcomer to the area, I want to know what issues are of importance to young voters in the Shreveport-Bossier area - both national and local issues?

What matters most to you and why?


T.J. Winbush said...

I am a STRONG Obama supporter and I am definitely voting in the primaries. I live in New York and the young voters are the driving force behind the Obama campaign. I'm excited to vote during the primaries because I am ready for some new blood in Washington!


byrdsoccer09 said...

I can't vote in the Louisiana primary, but if I could I would vote for Ron Paul without a doubt. I like his views on Pro-Life and his ideas to change the income tax and stop printing as much money to help inflation go down. Some people say his ideas are crazy, but if you look at his ideas and read what he thinks about the issues, I think you would agree, too. I hope he does well in Louisiana, because I'm hoping to vote for him in '08!

Vote Ron Paul Revolution in '08!