Sunday, February 10, 2008

Duets make Grammys great

Did ya'll watch the Grammys tonight?

I thought it was pretty good, especially as far as the performances were concerned.

Beyonce and Tina Turner.
Fergie and John Legend.
Alicia Keys and John Mayer.
Kanye West.

My favorite had to be Beyonce and Tina Turner performing Proud Mary. I enjoyed watching Tina prove that she still has it as she shook, spun and sang next to Beyonce, who is at least 40 years her junior. (I know one of my fellow bloggers could second my admiration of the performance.)

Kanye was a close second with an OK performance of Stronger but a heartfelt performance of Hey Mama that reminded those that may have forgotten how close the rapper and his mother were and that he's still grieving. Sunday's performance marked exactly three months since her death.

Like some others, I haven't been a fan of award shows the past few years but the Grammys didn't dissapoint.

Did anyone else enjoy the show? And did you think the right artists walked away with awards?


T.J. Winbush said...

The Grammy's were great this year! In honor of its 50th year in existance, the show offered a lot of great acts. I'm a big fan of Alicia Keys so I enjoyed seeing her perform twice. Amy Winehouse's performance was also enjoyable and from my own personal experience, she looks exactly like that in person. LOL.

T.J. Winbush

Kate Warren said...

I thought they performed Proud Mary. Not so much Hail Mary. :)

chud said...

hail mary? HAIL mary? you gotta be kidding me.

Donecia Pea said...

Lol, thanks for catching that kate warren and chud! I knew that 'Hail Mary' title kept catching my eye for some reason! We've since corrected it.

I HAVE to chime in because I actually thought a good bulk of the show was too long and boring with the exception of a few performances. I agree that the Beyonce/Tina was the biggest highlight for me. Simply CLASSIC. Tina Turner has aged FLAWLESSLY. I also enjoyed Aretha Franklin and The Clark Sisters in the gospel segment.

And, at the risk of sounding crazy, I actually LOVED the Amy Winehouse performance, even though she still looked crackish, I just love her voice.

The Kanye performance was a tearjerker. And I loved seeing Morris Day and The Time, but could have completely done without the Rihanna part of that performance.

The Fergie/John Legend was just alright, to me and I'm not a big Alicia fan at all so I could have done without those also. I mean the opening duet she did with Frank Sinatra was a cute idea but I'm just not a fan of her vocals.

Janelle Rucker said...

Yep, thanks for catching that. I was 10 seconds away from sleep when I typed it.

DPea, I thought Amy Winehouse's performance was entertaining, but probably not in the way she meant it to be. I love her voice too, but it definitely wasn't on display last night.

I'm with you T.J., I like Alicia Keys and enjoyed her performance as well.

And yes, DPea, the Fergie-John Legend performance was OK. What would have made it awesome is if her song would have given way to one of his songs. I wanted to hear him sing! It should be illegal to simply pin that man behind a piano and not let him sing.

Donecia Pea said...

LOL! Exactly! When Fergie introduced John Legend, I just knew he was about to break out into one of his songs. Dang!

Anonymous said...

Fergie and John Legend would have been a disasterous duet. They made the correct decision not to allow them to sing together. Their voice qualities are simply worlds apart. I personally enjoyed the Kanye performance and the Josh Groban/Andrea Bocelli performance of The Prayer.-- Daphne

Adam Kealoha Causey said...

I was working last night, but we definitely kept CBS on for the duration. Obviously, Tina and Beyonce were pretty rockin'. She (the queen) has left us for far too long. Did anyone else notice, though, that Beyonce may have stepped on Tina's foot during the "Proud Mary" finale?

Here is a pretty clear video:

Watch closely around 8:42. Tina make's a pretty bad face then struts away...

Donecia Pea said...

Lmao! Ok Adam, then that would explain why when I originally saw this Sunday night, I thought she caught a cramp at the end of the performance when she did that kick and yanked it back real fast (around 9:03 of that video.)

Adam Kealoha Causey said...

I saw that almost kick at the end, Donecia. I figure it was the stomped foot or maybe the outfit was a little restraining? In other words, I hope she can still do her kicks.