Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pack, move, clean, unpack. Ugh!

Last night, I took an evening off from moving. I just finished moving out of an apartment and into a house for rent Saturday. I disagreed with some of my apartment's rules (for example, they wrote me up twice for letting my cats outside without being on a leash), and I also wanted a little more home-like feel in my living space.

In the midst of this moving adventure and hearing snow stories from home -- the University of Idaho and nearby Washington State University closed Jan. 31 for the weather for the first time since 1990! -- I am reminded of an interesting moving story.

In December 2003, my nearly ex-husband and I got a 24’ U-Haul stuck in the snow on the UI campus after the attendant at the U-Haul store told us that we didn’t need chains for the truck and they didn’t have studded tires available for it either but that “it’s heavy enough that you won’t get it stuck.” We proved him wrong. It got stuck when the bumper got caught up on a pile of snow. AND, the truck couldn’t get traction because the snow had melted for a little while, then refrozen to create ice on top of packed snow. Oh -- and on top of THAT, we were moving boxes into our Married Student Housing apartment in -20 degree weather!

Anyway, now, I’m in the process of unpacking. UGH! Do you have any helpful hints to help me keep my sanity? Do you have any interesting moving stories? What roommate nightmares do you dare share?


bigmoneygrip said...

Your landlord is a smart person. Cats (if they must go outside at all) should be on a leash. Are you one of those persons who own cats who let them out unsupervised?

Kathryn Usher said...

Put the old stuff in storage. Never unpack. Buy new stuff. Help kick start the economy?