Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A list is a list, but I can disagree with BET

You should be really careful about saying ugly things about dead people, right? I'll try to tread lightly. Granted, we're just talking about someone's opinion here.

I'm talking about BET's list of the 25 greatest dancers. Sometimes these lists just really make you go, what? (Maybe not like Don Imus, granted.)

No. 1 on the list is James Brown. I can't really argue with that. Even though he recently died (and even more recently -- by months -- was laid to rest), he probably deserves the top spot. None of us have ever seen anyone stutter step, kick and jump quite like him while still carrying a tune.

But to put newbie Chris Brown (who is great at doing flips but seemed to have pre-recorded his vocals on the Grammys this year), the laughable MC Hammer (even though I just put "U Can't Touch This" on my cell phone), and Jennifer Lopez (even in her best "In Living Color" Fly Girl days) in front of Tina Turner is almost sacrilegious.

Seriously, how can the Hardest Working Man in Show Business be first while the Hardest Working Woman in Show Business is relegated to No. 19? Even the late Aaliyah beat her by one spot. (And that -- yes, here's another part about dead folks -- may be just because she is late.)

Tina Turner has not been able to sit still since she began entertaining us in 1960. Whether it's choreographed moves with backup dancers or just some solo struttin', shimmyin' and shakin', I personally don't think anyone can hold a candle to her moves. She is a true original. The woman is electrifying. Just think about the way people scream when she sings -- and dances to -- "Proud Mary." Incredible.

But see for yourself. Tune in to BET tonight at 9.


Anonymous said...

WHAT!!!! Where's Vanilla Ice!!!

Adam Kealoha Causey said...

With all the other silly choices, Vanilla may as well have been on there.

Donecia Pea said...

WHAT?!!! Did you say CHRIS BROWN and Hammer AND Aaliyah beat out TINA TURNER??!!! Blasphemy INDEED! Forget Imus and Iraq - THIS IS FRONTBURNER NEWS! lol.

BUT I must say that if James Brown was ranked #1 and Tina Turner should have been #2 then on my scorecard, Hammer would DEFINITELY be my #3. Well either he would be my #3 or Michael Jackson would be. It'd be a close call on that one, lol.

Donecia Pea said...

Oh my goodness and did you say J.LO beat out Tina too?!!! My goodness! That's just outta control!