Saturday, April 07, 2007

What's with these Easter cold snaps?

Since I was born I think I have missed two Easter sunrise services at Lake Bistineau State Park, just south of my hometown of Doyline. I woke up early for it as a youngster and returned home from college for it. It's just a part of my family's religious tradition.

There have been a few funny times when the mostly Baptist churches out there actually didn't see the sun come up because we forgot to adjust for daylight-saving time or it was cloudy.

But one thing that seems to be consistent is that we have to wear jackets or take blankets every year. Even when weather has been spring-like leading up to this holiest of Christian days, it's always chilly on Easter Sunday. This is even one of the holidays that actually changes dates -- even months -- so how does Old Man Winter somehow creep back in?

I mean Easter is even the Christianized version of the old pagan holidays to celebrate the season: warmth that brings new life, even fertility. So what gives with the cold? Looks like tomorrow will be more of the same chill.

My whole family talks about this weird weather phenomenon. We know we're going to be shivering in our lawn chairs on the little hill overlooking the cypress-filled lake. We're going anyway, of course.

Obviously the weather is not our main concern, because we wouldn't tolerate it for something that isn't important to us. But we have to gripe a little bit, right? Besides, what else in life do any of us really talk about besides the weather?

Whether you're shivering or laying out in the springtime sun, I hope everyone out there has a great Easter.

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