Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Maybe I'm worrying for no reason...

After nearly two years of being single I'm starting to think something's wrong.

I'm not sure if there's something wrong with me or if there's something wrong with the dating scene.

My grandmother heckles me constantly telling me that if I don't get a boyfriend now, I'll never be married nor will I have any children. My mother tells me that I'm young and I should be happy dating around. My father doesn't get involved in my relationships because he says the men are never around long.

When I have these type of conversations with my family I normally find it funny. But I'm starting to get worried now that I'm set to be a maid of honor at two weddings early next year and several of my other and not-so-close friends are either engaged, living with a significant other, or having babies.

But not me. And I'm almost 24.

I mean, I've had "friends" for the majority of those two years. And I've had fun most of the time.

I guess I'm close to the age when most folks are talking marriage and kids and co-habitation. I'm not even close. Although I do have a few friends who are older, single and child-less and some that are closer to my age an in the same demographic, I'm really starting to wonder about myself.

Should I be worried?


Anonymous said...

not at all! it matters little, as long as you're happy.

Miles said...

I'm a single 30 year old male. And I love it! I think the pressure is abnormally felt in smaller towns like Shreveport. Get thee to Houston or New York or London and you wont feel so "out of place." I recently came back from an oversees trip, and it seemed to me the majority of the people around my age there where single.

And I agree with above, as long as your happy, no worries.

Ashley Northington said...

Thanks ya'll. I really appreciate your comments. I am happy. But I still don't want to be 75 and single! No, seriously, I'm having fun.

Joel Anderson said...

Ashley, get yourself a hobby or hobbies. Have three ideas ready when you report to work tomorrow, ok?

Being single is awesome. You should revel in it as long as possible.

And, if you're interested, I got some homeboys that might be willing to show you a good time. (I mean that in the most non-sexual way possible).

Greg Pearson said...

When you aint "looking" is when it'll happen...always when you least expect it. Enjoy your "singledom". If all goes well, once you let go of it, you'll never have another shot at it...this from a VERY happily married man (Hi, Dear.)

Eric said...

You have nothing to worry about. I used to worry about it. It will take care of itself.

I know it's not easy being single but heck its no cake walk being married either.

When it happens it happens...if you rush it you will ruin it.

Take your time.