Thursday, April 17, 2008

A ballsy move in Florida

This just in out of Tallahassee:

"A discussion in the Senate on Thursday turned a bit, um, testy, over an issue that this usually august body rarely has occasion to discuss: replica bull testicles hanging from vehicles."

Now you know the Sunshine State is not the only place you can see these things. I've noticed quite a few knocking around here on some of my fellow truck drivers' road toys. I even remember seeing a pair when I spent a semester of college in California.

My truck is not bejeweled with fake reproductive parts, and I don't think it ever will be. But does that mean a state legislative body should keep other folks from letting them hang freely?

And I really must give AP Writer David Royse some credit for making a story about a bill and bulls read so well.


Thecookie said...

it's just nuts!

Stephanie Bemrose said...

My concern is how do you measure how offensive something is? I mean, with saggy pants ordinances, you can have a measurement of where the pants need to come to. But how do you figure out how offensive something is and where to draw the line?