Monday, April 21, 2008

From Idahoan to Louisianan

So I think I'm now officially a Louisianan. I have been filing taxes in Louisiana for quite a few years now but still held my Idaho residency as a military wife. (I got divorced about a month ago.)

So now that I'm a resident, I should learn about Louisiana. When I grew up, the strongest affiliation I had with Louisiana was the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark exploration of it.

Here is some information that would be good for me to know. Did you know ...

  • Louisiana's motto is the "Sportsman's Paradise." Idaho is the Gem State. I remember back in elementary school, we would have some parent bring in star garnets, which are their official gem. Louisiana's official gem is Agate, found in Louisiana gravel.
  • Here's another interesting fact, for me, at least: In Louisiana, the uplands and hills the elevations rise to Driskill Mountain, the highest point in the state at only 535 feet above sea level. Only two other states in the union, Florida and Delaware, are geographically lower than Louisiana, though several other states, such as Kansas and Nebraska, are geographically flatter. In Idaho, the lowest point is Idaho's lowest point, 745 ft above sea level, in Lewiston. This was one of the first comparative facts that I learned about the two states where I've held residency.
Okay. That's enough learning for today. Now tell me about your home state. Where all have you lived? What crazy or interesting facts do you know about your state?

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Adam Kealoha Causey said...

As much as I love hiking, I've never even been to Mount Driskill. I'll admit I am nerdy enough to know that we stand tall above Florida and Deleware, though.