Friday, April 25, 2008

The new

We're talking about it, and folks are starting discussion groups. So we want to know what you think about the new

A lot of work has gone into the redesign, and the Web guys still are tweaking it. What do you like? Dislike? Miss? How can it be improved?

The Link 222 staff may not have the power to make upgrades ourselves, but we know the guys in the basement who can.


Perry said...

I like the old site because updates added during the day were VERY easy to find. If I changed one thing it would be that, have the updated stories during the day in one place, marked accordingly and easy to find.

Elizabeth said...

I miss seeing the list of times blogs all in one place. Perhaps it is somewhere and I can't find it? I had a daily ritual of going down the line to find out what the "haps" is in town. Now I have to search for them.

Arty said...

I like the new lay outs and the arrangements of the pages. I don't like how it is put together on the dock and the headline is always covered up by some yellow sticker. Sometimes might be four or five of the same 'fillers' from the same store.