Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green is the new black

Lately I've been looking to different sources for news on global warming, what's going on with the environment and how we can help.

What have I learned? To go green is to be cool and trendy.

The "green" theme was all over my magazines this month.
Vanity Fair - the third annual Green Issue (and Madonna)
Elle - Green Issue (and Madonna) with online components like the Eco Chick blog
Both Time and Newsweek have also been encouraging folks to "go green" with ads on recycling, stories with "10 fixes for the planet" and of course, where the presidential nominees stand on the issue.

I guess my concern is that helping the environment is treated like a trend, a fad, instead of a life change we all may need to make to preserve the Earth...and ourselves. And with it being treated like a fad, I'm worried that, like most trends, being eco-friendly has the potential to go out of style.

Environmental issues are not new. They existed way before Vanity Fair decided to publish its first Green Issue. (Side note: In an interesting post, blogger Frank Locantore pointed out how Vanity Fair's issue was a lot of talk with no substance. He points out that the magazine never mentions their own efforts to be eco-friendly and doesn't even use recycled paper for their mag.)
Maybe now, it's only becoming "cool" because celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Camron Diaz have jumped on the bandwagon?

I think straight talk is the best medicine for the problems facing our environment. Valid information and facts help me more than where I can buy "My White T is Green" shirt or other paraphernalia. Other than magazines, I'm not too sure if news broadcasts or other informational outlets are too helpful either. (On the Today Show this morning, First Lady Laura Bush spoke about changes they've made to their home to become eco friendly. Helpful?)

And I'd like to hear more options than just recycling and using LED light bulbs. I'm sure there's more we can do, but we rarely hear about it. And more importantly, people need to know the WHY. I wonder if your regular Joe Smith knows exactly what's going on in the environment and why we should change our consumption habits, etc.

But what do you think? Have you decided to "go green?" Do you think you ever will?

And what's the best way to get the message out to the masses?


Lighting said...

I think everyone should go green as a lifestyle. I personally have tried to go green as much as possible. Even though I sometimes use papers towels instead of cloth towels. I try to remember that for next time. I think the best way to get everyone to go green is just to start doing it. The more people do it the easier it becomes. Don't let it be a trend thing. Just stay focus on it and try to let it become a daily habit.

Kathryn Usher said...

Green is the new term for it. Us poor folks have been reusing items for years, hence the shopping at rummage sales and the big use of duck/duct tape around the house.

Hey, when you all going to put this blog on the new website?

Donecia Pea said...

Hey Kathryn,
To answer your blog question, we're not sure yet. They're still trying to work out the logistics on how to move Link222 over to the new site without losing its look, functionality or widgets.
In the meantime, we're still hanging in Blogger land, lol.

Kathryn Usher said...

...too bad there's not a big enough piece of that silver tape to tie the two together. That would be a wonder tool to have in your fix it box -- a roll of sticky tape guaranteed to fix any digital device or web link need. lol...

Donecia Pea said...

Now that would definitely work wonders AND fit the 'go green' mantra, right? lol. Isn't that recycling?