Monday, April 07, 2008

I love these!

Recently, in my spare time in my evenings, I've been look through oodles of photos of "kittehs" (pronounced kitt-ees) from the Web site It's where people in cyberspace put captions on cat pictures. Here are two that I have found that made me laugh out loud:
Humorous Pictures

funny pictures

For dog lovers, there is a similar, but not quite as developed Web site Here are two of their examples:
cute puppy pictures

funny dog pictures

So I hope you enjoyed a quick laugh, or at least a little smile.


Ashley Northington said...

Lol. This is easily the craziest thing I've seen all day.

People are randomly putting captions on cat and dog pics?

it's kinda strange and funny.

Kittens are so cute, too bad I'm allergic.

Anonymous said...

Okay, gonna have to ask you to "Dig Deeper!" on this one. Did you just really take up the majority of a page and dedicate it to these cat pics? First of all, they've been around for a while so it's not exactly cutting edge. Secondly, well...they are cute and funny in their own way but in my opinion, this post made me feel like I was reading the blog of a 13 year old. Steph, please see previous posts and try to kick it up a notch please. If the only response you can get is too bad I'm allergic to cats and me chewing you out then it really shouldn't have been posted. Right?

Stephanie Bemrose said...

I would have to disagree with you, anonymous. I think it's okay to post a few light-hearted pictures instead of formulating thoughts into words in a blog post. And I think graphics can be used in place of words once in awhile in a post.

Am I wrong? What do others think?

Donecia Pea said...

Awww come on anonymous, that's a bit harsh and actually inaccurate. I mean we always gladly welcome constructive critism here, but I would encouarge you to check out all the posts on here before you give such a huge generalization based on one random post.

And for the record, Stephanie has done some very thought-provoking posts on here on a variety of topics. In fact, I could refer you to a few or you can just look 'em up in our archives listed in the left-hand rail.

And just like the rest of us, sometimes she just wants to lighten it up and this is an example of that.

We've had to remind folks from time to time just what this blog is all about. So rather than repeat it yet again here, I'll just refer you to these previous posts:

Happy reading!